She Who Shops


1. You are supporting British craftsmanship.20140218_111311

Many of the products made in the UK are made by hand, using skills that have been handed down through generations.

2. You are investing in something of quality that will last.

British made products may be more expensive but are often better made, meaning that you have lasting pieces for your wardrobe

3. You own something unique. 

Products made in the UK are produced in much smaller quantities than when made abroad, meaning that the pieces are limited and more exclusive.

4. You are buying something that doesn’t leave a huge carbon footprint.

Mass produced products are often flown into the UK from the other side of the world, leaving a massive carbon footprint behind it.

5. You are creating employment for British workers. 

Help to boost the British economy by keeping people in jobs here.

6. You are nurturing home grown talent.

In times of recession many talented designers straight from college are setting up their own brands where employment is otherwise difficult. By buying their products you are helping to keep the retail market in the UK exciting and vibrant.

7. You are buying something made locally.IMG_0763

It is nice to know where you are buying from, and to keep it local.

8. You are preserving the future of British Manufacturing.

By purchasing products made in the UK, you are helping to keep the skill of manufacturing alive in this country.

9. You are spreading the word about buying British. 

The more people that realise we are still making things in the UK, the more they may seek them out too!

10. You can always find items made in the UK!